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pressure forming
Freetech PlasticsFreetech Plastics
Freetech Plastics
Pressure formed medical part Custom Pressure formed high-tech piece Pressure Forming Image of medical device
Freetech Plastics pressure formed part Pressure formed industrial part Image of Pressure forming piece
Pressure forming devics Pressure formed medical part Pressure formed communication device
Pressure Forming Image of a medical device  Pressure formed high-tech case medical pressure formed part
Pressure Forming Image of Electronics Enclosure
Freetech Plastics
Pressure Forming Image of Medical Device
Pressure formed medical device
Detail of pressure formed medical device
pressure formed

What we do

Our advances in tooling and process technology have raised manufacturing capabilities in Pressure Forming to new heights.

--This means high levels of design complexity can be incorporated into your part.

Thermoformed Product designs can now include deep undercuts, contours, and fine detailing not feasible in competing manufacturing processes.

--This has opened up a vast new range of design options for Pressure Formed parts.

Freetech Plastics

Look of Injection Molding at an affordable cost
Pressure Forming gives your parts the hi-end look and feel of Injection Molding at an affordable cost.

--The results: Your products look, fit, and function the way they should.

pressure forming
Freetech PlasticsFreetech PlasticsFreetech Plastics
Freetech Plastics Freetech Plastics Freetech Plastics
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