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An Affordable Alternative to Injection Molding!

Pressure Forming by Freetech Plastics

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What is Pressure Forming?

It’s a Thermoforming process using high pressure air, combined with vacuum, which produces extremely detailed parts. It allows for a high definition appearance, including molded in texture and color, but with lower costs than alternate methods.

What products can be Pressure Formed?

The list almost endless!
Enclosures, covers and mechanical parts for Automotive, Agricultural, Scientific, Medical, Electronic, Aerospace, Industrial, Telecom, Semiconductor Equipment.


What materials are Pressure Formed?

For machine housings requiring a UL Fire Rating, FR-ABS, Kydex, Polycarbonate or PC/ABS are the most common.  However, many other materials can be pressured formed for products that do not require a fire rating.  Contact us about the best material for your product. 

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