Who is Freetech?

Freetech Plastics is committed to achieving one goal: “To make it like you want it.”

We have built up state-of-the-art tooling, forming, and part trimming technologies for producing the highest-quality pressure formed products.

For over 40 years we’ve provided precision Pressure Forming parts for the Automotive, Medical, Scientific, Telecommunication, and Electronic Enclosure markets.


We have received numerous honors for our work, from the Society of Plastics Engineers, ID Magazine, IDSA, Appliance Magazine, and many more.

However, we believe our products tell our story best. Each job is the culmination of three critical areas that account for our success, understanding our customers needs, quality production and innovation.

Understanding your Needs!

First, we work closely with our customers to understand what you need and want. Designers have specific objectives for their parts. It is our job to insure those goals are met in the final product.

The critical issue is: Do the parts meet the expectations and performance requirements of the customer? To accomplish these goals requires communication that goes beyond a set of specs. We strive to determine every factor that effects the desired look and feel of the part — as well as its intended function.

In other words, “We’ll make it like you want it”

Cool parts for cool people.®

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