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Q&A: West Coast design pioneer

Freeman discussed his career with PMM copy editor Michael T. McCue.

Freeman puts 'West Coast style' on thermoforming map

In the Midwest, they’re trying to make it as easy to form as possible. On the West Coast, we’re saying, ‘Hey we’ll do what you want.’

Thermoformer of the Year!

“and the Thermoformer of the Year award goes to…”

IDSA awards recognize more plastic products

The awards just keep coming – Plastic News

Student´s dog crate nabs design scholarship

A thermoformed dog crate designed by student Carianne Seger was the winning design.

Thermoforming with Style

Designers who think that injection molding is the only way to fabricate stylish plastic parts are behind the times and need to take a second look at thermoforming.

Freetech Wins Top Thermoforming Award For Second Time In Four Years

Freetech’s technological advancements in The West Coast Style of Pressure Forming made the dramatic look of this design possible.

Freetech Founder Awarded Lifetime Acheivement

Rich Freeman awarded lifetime achievement from the SPE Thermoforming Division

Freetech Plastics wins major prize for Pressure Forming

Freetech Plastics has just won what is considered the Academy Award for its industry.

HP Forges Bold New Look With Thermoforming

Pressure Forming With Style.  Hewlett Packard forges bold new look with thermoforming.

It Makes More Sense Than Ever

Pressure Forming: It Makes More Sense Than Ever – From Job Shop Technology

Freetech Thrives Under Pressure

In the last 5-7 years there has been more innovation and progress in Thermoforming than in the prior 60.

Thermoformed Part Keeps Dental Imaging System From Going In The Can

“The form is really fresh for this category, while still being appropriate for and office”

High Performance Forming Materials

A new line of High Performance Forming Materials

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